D.Y.D Plastics Ltd is a company specialized in designing and manufacturing industrial plastic containers, piping works and various plastic bodies structured material: PVC, PVDF, PP, HDPE and others. 
Our company provides a variety of its services for the industrial sector, the private and business throughout the country.

         We must always be at your service and
         give advice. 
         Address: str. Joshua jeweler 84. 
         PO 1560, Beer Sheva. 
         Tel: 074-7020243. 
         Fax: 08-6284065.

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         Plastics company D.i. D. Ltd. manufactures
         and planning All types of plastic containers
         and plastic pipes. 
         Our company manufactures products 
         according to customer requirements and 
         thereby Allows him personal solution and the
         main requirements. 
         The plant works according to ISO 9002  
        As the years D.Y.D  plastics company
        acquired  reputation 
and experience  
        that irreplaceable.

        our company has a variety of clients the
        largest companies in
Such as chemical 
        industry, water industry, aquaculture,
        Design and engineering companies, and 

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Address: Joshua jeweler 84.
Postal address: p.o.box 1560, Beersheva.
Phone: 074-7020243.
Fax: 08-6284065.
Email: dydplast@yahoo.com

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• Liquid storage Thermo plastic tanks.
containers of various sizes.
Marine animals growing pools.
Canals and sewage pipes.
Special engraved plastics.
Filters, blowers, floats and more ...
• Tank Check and plastic pipes.